MultiStream II

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Introducing the MultiStream II - your ultimate solution for cable durability, fast charging, and high-speed data transfer.

*Protect Your Cable with the 90-Degree Design:*
Tired of frayed and damaged cables? Say goodbye to that frustration with the MultiStream II. This innovative USB-A to USB-C cable boasts a 90-degree "L" design that's engineered to protect your cable from the stress of daily use. The angled connector reduces the strain on cords and your phone's USB-C port, preventing cord end bending and extending the life of your charging cable. With MultiStream II, you can count on lasting performance for years. Plus, it's compatible with all phone cases, ensuring your investment stays protected.

*3.2A Fast Charging & High-Speed Data Transfer:*
Experience lightning-fast charging speeds with the MultiStream II USB-C cable. With a robust power output of 5V/3.2A, you can power up your devices quickly and efficiently. But that's not all – this cable offers a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps, making it a breeze to transfer large files or download up to 100 songs in just 5 seconds. Whether you're in a rush to charge your phone or need to transfer data in a flash, the MultiStream II has you covered.

*Certified & Safe Design:*
Safety is paramount, and the MultiStream II ensures peace of mind. The cable features a certified nickel-plated port and an aviation alloy head, guaranteeing safe and reliable charging. The internal thermal bag ensures swift charging without overheating, and the laser-welded port prevents the inner coil from breaking, ensuring longevity. This cable is compatible with all phone models and cases, making it a versatile and secure choice for all your devices.

Invest in the MultiStream II, and you'll not only protect your cable but also supercharge your charging and data transfer experience. Get ready to say goodbye to the cable hassles of the past and enjoy a faster, safer, and more efficient connection with MultiStream II.

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