Built to last:

At Brothers4Change we design and innovate our products with sustainability and ethics in mind.

When manufacturing a new product. We always start by looking at products that are in high demand. We then look at how we can improve the products. This is what we call the idea phase.

Next we look for suppliers who are already active in the sector and that meets our standards. Meaning they are open for innovation, treat their employees fairly and are also motivated to work with a young company that does not always follows the status quo. This is what we call the find a perfect match phase.

After we found our perfect match, the R&D & test phase starts. In this phase we design/adjust the product and select the raw materials, with the focus on the development of strong, long lasting ethical products. Once this is done, different samples are made and tested. This is what we call the try-out phase.

Once the samples are approved by us, the production can start. When the production is completed, a final checkup is done by a third independent party. After that you get a well-build product subject to rigorous quality control standards, made from thoughtful materials.