5 Ways to Help Africa, Food, Water, Education, and More

5 Ways to Help Africa, Food, Water, Education, and More

We are often looking for ways to help Africa, be it health, education, finance, or others. New innovations are being developed all the time, but some traditional methods can also still have a great impact.

Here are five reliable and proven ways that you can help Africa, mostly around people's basic life needs and education.


  • Educate yourself and spread the word on the challenges facing Africa
  • Donate what you can, even small donations make a difference
  • Extend support to improve water facilities and hygiene
  • Volunteering, getting directly involved has an enormous impact on Africa
  • Innovate, introduce, and promote initiatives for better education

Educate yourself and spread the word

One of the best ways you can help Africa is to educate yourself about their way of life and the complexities they are facing daily.

As most of us are aware, food, water, education, and basic needs have always remained a deficiency for the African economy.
Educating ourselves will give us exposure to the depths of the state of the country, the people, the economy, and every other impact this has on daily life in Africa. Knowledge highlights the causes, triggers, or external impacts on the existing situation and challenges.

Only when you’re educated and well-versed on these aspects it becomes easier to spread the word and raise awareness among your circle of influence with accuracy, conveying the situation effectively.

Nowadays social media platforms are becoming a center of public attention. Uploading can be highly
effective, and engaging. Creative content on your social media platforms can easily reach a large crowd who can, in turn, keep word-of-mouth going.

You can also reach out to famous influencers to raise awareness, many of them are happy to repeat messages and highlight challenges free of charge.

If you have friends who are in contact with newspapers, magazines, or any other news outlet, ask them if they can help with publishing any content that can help raise awareness.

Donate what you can

Few activities are quite as effective as donating when it comes to helping Africa.

One of the main problems facing Africa for many years is lack of proper nutrition or lack of food altogether. Especially in the Horn of Africa (the peninsula in the east, including Somalia and Ethiopia), approximately
11 million people are in urgent need of food assistance. The only way to help these issues is through donating to those who are directly helping to combat this situation.

There are many reliable donating platforms where you can show your generosity towards making Africa great again.

There are numerous ways to donate. In fact, this site is one method that forms the new way of donating where everyone wins.

By browsing through the range of products in our store, and making a purchase, you will be providing a 10% donation to good causes ...including those we undertake ourselves in person.

Another reliable platform to donate to is the World Food Programme. WFP is an organization dedicated to helping the world’s hunger and has helped over 80 million people in 80 different countries.

Extend support to improve water facilities and hygiene

Another major problem facing the African economy is access to water.

As a vital resource for human survival, the lack of access to clean and consumable water has contributed to some of the leading health and hygiene issues among the African community.

In developing countries, unclean water is a severe issue. Illnesses are being traced back to poor water and sanitation quality. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, 319 million people don’t have access to improved or reliable water.

Considering these critical issues, several reliable projects are ongoing to help improve access to clean water in Africa. You can lend a hand to these projects even through small charitable amounts.

The Water Project is one of the strongest and most reliable organizations dedicated to providing safe and clean water worldwide. They do this by collaborating with local teams in affected regions like Africa.

You can also create fundraising pages and reach out to an audience to raise funds and then donate them to such professional projects helping Africa.

There have been over 3,000 fundraising pages that have raised more than 3 million to help Africa.

If you’re a college student or prominent figure in social circles or social groups, you can also consider starting campaigns to raise awareness and to raise funds much more effectively reaching a wider audience.

Volunteering - direct involvement has a great impact

If you want to help Africa in a much more direct, engaged, and physical way, then volunteering is the perfect path to choose.

This can help if you’re financially stable enough to facilitate your needs while moving to Africa.

While we undertook our projects through our own funding, there are many reliable organizations through which you can volunteer to help Africa, Volunteering abroad is a more common method than you might think.

Many volunteers have shared their experiences in Africa online and on social platforms. This encourages people on how it can become a life-changing decision. And how it has persuaded them to be more grateful for what life has offered them.

You don’t have to be restricted to a particular area of volunteering either.

Depending on the platform you choose to volunteer, you can select from various options to volunteer in areas that your expertise or passion lies. Be it in schools for teaching, daycare centers, special needs children, and orphanages.

Through this, it helps the people with much-needed growth, exposure, knowledge, awareness, stability, and social interaction that many in Africa would not otherwise get.

Innovate, introduce, and promote initiatives for better education

Another significant issue challenging the lives of the African people is access to quality education or in most cases, basic education facilities.

While donations can certainly help around improving education, there needs to be enough sustainable ideas and means on how to improve education in Africa with their available facilities and infrastructure.

So innovating, introducing, and promoting ideas to create a better qualitative education system is a good way to help with this issue.

One ideal way to put this into action is to plan out an idea, detail how you will put your plan into action, and how to execute it with your available budget. Embark on methods to obtain appropriate funds to support your initiative.

This can be a more focused and comprehensive way of helping the education system in Africa and largely the method that Brothers4Change adopted.

And of course, if you’re a teacher or someone in the same line of the teaching profession, you can gather like-minded colleagues and embark on volunteering for a specified period. This can truly make a direct difference in the lives of African students.

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