Our empowerment program:

10% of your sale's profit is automatically used in our empowerment program. A program that empowers students in developing countries by building schools and providing goods that increases their learning opportunities.

Your impact

Together with your support we are currently making education more accessible by providing the following goods: 

Solar LED lamps:

 Solar LED lamps make it possible for children to develop new skills, learn and read after the sunset. They also increase the sense of security at night and ensure that children do not have to use the dangerous and harmful oil lamps.  

Water filters: 

Unsafe water kills hundreds of thousands of people per year. These water filters ensure that children can drink potable water at school

Sport articles:

Much more than simply keeping the students fit sport articles also ensure individual development, health promotion and disease prevention, gender equality, social integration, peace-building or conflict prevention/resolution and post-disaster/trauma assistance.  

School buildings: 

Facilities have a great impact on academic performances of students, and inadequate facilities translate to poor performance. The school buildings will provide them with an environment conducive to learning and sheltered from the elements.  
How our customers brought hope to the village of Idinga

How it all started 

"After a visit to Soweto South-Africa, my brother and I realized not everyone was as fortunate as we were. Because of this the idea to empower others started lurking in our minds."

Samuel and Jonas Smis

Founders of Brothers4Change