Our ultimate goal is to be able to manufacture all our products C02 neutral and reprocess all parts of our previous products into new products in order to have a full intern circular economy. However, as a young start-up it is impossible for us to be on that level yet. This doesn't mean that we are not striving to reach that goal as soon as possible. We currently work in different phases when creating a new product.

Phase 1: Sustainable packaging
  • No plastic in the packaging*
  • Recyclable packaging
  • FSC certified packaging boxes (guarantees responsibly sourced carton from sustainably managed forests and/or recycled materials)
  • Soy ink for the text on the packaging (soybeans are a renewable resource and the oils from the plant can be easily extracted. Additionally, soy-based ink is recyclable)

Phase 2: the product itself is made from sustainable materials

  • Recycled BPA-free plastic
  • FSC certified wood
  • New self-developed (with the factory in question) sustainable alternatives

Phase 3: the product is produced C02 neutral

  • Together with our supplier, we look for possibilities to organize the production process in a way that minimizes emissions and waste. If there is still an emission, we buy it and plant trees to compensate for the exact amount so that the product itself can be produced C02 neutral.

Phase 4: outdated products are collected by us and assembled into new products

For our entire manufacturing, we never work with middlemen but always directly with the factories producing our products. This is to maintain as much control as possible over the production process but also to create a relationship that is beneficial for both parties. All our suppliers have to sign our code of conduct to make sure that the workers are treated well and get their fair share. If during an audit it appears that they do no more comply with our code of conduct, we will end the cooperation immediately.

*In exceptional cases there may still be plastic in the packaging of some products. This concerns products from an older batch


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