Ethical made


Commitment to Ethical Production

At Brothers4Change, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to ethical production practices. Our dedication to ethics extends to every facet of our product manufacturing. We partner with manufacturers who have not only embraced our stringent code of conduct but also made it an integral part of their operations. This code ensures that the products we offer are crafted ethically, guaranteeing fair wages, safe working conditions, humane treatment of workers, and a strict prohibition on child and forced labor. 

Advancing Sustainability

At Brothers4Change, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability. With each product we create, we aim to not only meet but exceed ethical and environmental standards, paving the way for a brighter, more responsible future.  


 Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to ethics goes hand in hand with our responsibility towards the environment. We work tirelessly to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainability in every aspect of our production process. From the use of energy-efficient LED lamps designed to last an impressive 50,000 hours, to the elimination of plastic in our packaging, and the sourcing of packaging materials from responsibly managed forests, we make eco-conscious choices. Even our packaging and manual inks are derived from soybeans instead of petroleum-based sources. Additionally, we actively collaborate with organizations like Stichting Open to drive circularity in the e-waste sector.