Welcome to Brothers4Change®

My Brother and I created Brothers4Change with the intention to empower people. We are doing this by creating products based on 3 simple principals: 

 1) Build to last: Premium materials - Luxury designs - Products that can stand the test of time. 

2) Thoughtful materials: Environmentally friendly developed: recycled materials, FSC-certified packaging, soy ink. 

3) Ethical impact: 10% of each sales profit is directly invested in our empowerment program. A program that makes education more accessible in developing countries.  

Our Story

After a visit to Soweto South-Africa, my brother and I realized not everyone was as fortunate as we were. Because of this the idea to empower others started lurking in our minds.

 A few years later our idea turned into a plan and Brothers4Change was born. We wanted to empower people in small but mighty ways while making helping others easier. We are doing this by creating durable products made of thoughtful materials while linking the sales of our products to making education more accessible in developing countries. 

- Samuel & Jonas Smis