3 Headed Cable

One Cable To Rule Them All

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One cable to rule them all

Designed for everyday use


Made to excel

Built to last:
 The cable is specially designed to last at least 5 years. That way, you won't have to buy another cable over and over again.

One cable to rule them all:
 Charging Type C, Lightning or Micro-USB devices? Our cable can charge them  all simultaneously.

Perfect length: 
Still a little too long? With the included cable tie you shorten the cable in no time.

The cable is extremely flexible which allows you to charge your devices in the desired position.

Our promises to you

Thoughtful materials:
Developed with durability and sustainability in mind: recycled materials whenever possible, FSC-certified packaging, soy ink....

Built to last:
Premium materials, simple designs, products that can stand the test of time.

Ethically focused:
We are committed to making education more accessible in developing countries throughout our business.

Brothers4Change® presents

3 Headed Cable
3 Headed Cable
3 Headed Cable
3 Headed Cable
3 Headed Cable
3 Headed Cable
3 Headed Cable
3 Headed Cable
3 Headed Cable

3 Headed Cable

CHF 17.00
One cable to rule them all
  • ✔ Ordering and paying via Brothers4Change®
  • Free shipping over €50
  • ✔ 5-year warranty 
  • Free returns
  • ✔ By making this purchase you are directly contributing in making education more accessible 

Your impact

10% of your sale's profit is automatically used in our empowerment program. A program that empowers students in developing countries by providing goods that increases their learning opportunities.

You have questions. We have answers.

How long should the cable last? 
Our 3-headed cable is built to last. So if you have any problems at all in the first 5 years, we'll repair your cable for free, replace it or refund your money.
Can you also transfer data with the cable? 
Our cable is suitable for charging your devices but not for transferring data.
What size is the length of the cable
What is the delivery time? 
Depending on your location, it takes an average of 1-3 days to receive your package.
Can I return my product?
All of our products come with a 2-5 year guarantee and can be returned for free within 14 days after you received your order. You can find our refund policy through the following link:
How is Brothers4Change® helping students?
With each sold product, 10% of the profit is automatically placed on a separate bank account, that we use solely to make education more accessible. We are currently helping students in developing countries by providing them with solar lighting, water filters, sports equipment and uniforms

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Why should you use our 3-headed cable?

Built to last

Perfect size

One cable to rule them all


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